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Major Change Necessary

I hope everyone reads this entire post, because it's important.

The OCSI is going to shit. It's not any one person's fault, and a lot of the problems began outside the current community. But, at the same time, no one seems that jazzed about fixing it. If you don't want to have a GSA at Saint Mary's anymore, then fine, but I can't imagine that being a possibility. This group was started a year ago, and since its birth it has made so many people feel better about themselves. It's hard going to a school where the religion the community holds excludes you. This group of people was supposed to provide a sort of sanctuary to anyone who showed up, especially if they were looking for information about or a place in the queer community.

Last year it was started by Juliette and Amanda. The meetings began in the middle of the year, and it was a very controvercial group, so there weren't a lot of extra activities and things. There was no budget, and the teacher/staff support was somewhat limited. There were still interesting meetings and fun events, and great chemistry within the group as well.

Now, however, the population has dwindled, as the slack from the graduated seniors (and myself) leaving hasn't been picked up. There haven't been any big events yet since I've gone, and the meetings are fairly boring, if I do say so myself. There is generally very little order or structure, which creates a sort of vortex of chaotic boredom.

Now, I could bitch and moan about how badly this is going for light years, but I want to fix it, not criticize. I have a few ideas on how to create a more fun and informative environment that will thrive even after the current juniors have graduated. The only thing I ask is that people agree to them, before I start trying to initiate some of the changes. If everyone says the want the OCSI to go away for good, then I'll back off and cut my losses. However, if you're down with fixing things, please comment here or email me at . If I get comments in the affirmative of making things better, I'll post ways to do so.

Thanks for reading and responding.


PS--I really hope you all vote to fix this.
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