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I Can't Believe You Haven't Seen This Yet night

OK, so, the next movie night is the 15th and 16th at my apartment. People should start showing up around 6, unless I'm giving someone a ride there. In that case, you'll be sitting at my house with nothing to do but talk to me for a while, which might suck for you lol.

1. Juliette and I get the couch. If we don't take up the whole thing, Janie and Ian get the othe part. It's tradition guys.
2. CLOTHES STAY ON! This means you, me, everyone.
3. It would be awesome if people chipped in some for food and rentals. Like...really awesome.
4. No, you can't use my room.
5. If you want a specific movie played, bring it up relatively soon. In other words, don't get pissed because we don't watch something if you tell me about it the day before or something.
6. Don't just bring a friend without asking. Please.

1. But I'm a Cheerleader
2. Velvet Goldmine
3. Say Anything...
4. The Fifth Element
5. True Romance
6. Far From Heaven
7. Heathers
8. Cape Fear
Only the first two are set in stone, as there are still people that haven't experienced it. Throw me comments on whatever.

People I know are coming: Juliette, Amanda, David (NOT Fike), Janie, Ian, Max, Maria SOL!, Elana, Juan. TELL ME IF YOU AREN'T ON THIS LIST AND SHOULD BE!

What the hell do you all want for dinner and breakfast?
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i should be on the list!
add fight club, american beauty and of course, the usual suspects, OOHHH I'VE ALSO NEVER SEEN GIRL INTERRUPTED
You're alive!!! I haven't heard from you in a while. You're definitely on the list.
excellent! i went camping with the family so i haven't had internet
Ah, I see. Never been camping. Sounds experience.

IM me! It's nobodafreak on AIM. You are amusing.
Um...add The Cable Guy. I'm sure people have seen it, but whatever.

If you need help with the food, I'm willing to pitch in either money or cooking.
Hee. I will be able to use the phrase "Get back in the kitchen!" in reference to Amanda?

You're cooking!
I'll pitch in money if I can and any movies I have (vhs) that people want to see. Also, I'm not sure how I'm getting there as the car is still out of the country.
One more rule that Ashlyn forgot to post is that clothes stay on and everyone stays out of other people's clothes.