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Last O.C.S.I. Meeting!!!!

Look, Amanda already posted this, but I don't think anybody noticed (except for Ashlyn) so I'm doing it again.

Monday is the last O.C.S.I. meeting of the year. Those of us who are seniors will not be returning. So, even though most of the seniors won't be there, it would be nice to do something to say goodbye. So, even though we're not taking names or anything, please bring some sort of yummy food and your yearbooks.

No longer in the big font, but still serious:
Starting this group with Amanda is probably the only thing I'm proud of in all my time at Saint Mary's. I really hope that it's doing what it should do and, more importantly, I hope you guys are active in your influence on the school and in recruiting new members next year. Please don't let this die out.
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