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" am I doing so far?"

So, today was the first meeting.

Yes, I know I'm a dork. Really, I do. Lesson plans were a little much. But hey, at least I didn't like, write everything down on notecards and put special pens in my pocket protector in case I need to fix an error and read off of the cards instead of paying attention to you people.

Seriously though, how'd it go? Just tell me if I screwed up, so that I can fix it later. I love suggestions when it comes to this kind of thing.

DON'T FORGET TO GO TO THE POSTER THING IN THE SHEA CENTER DURING Z BLOCK TOMORROW. I would be there if I could, but I can't, so I'm sending you all off to do my bidding when I cannot rule in person.

Um, yeah, so, next week, stereotypes associated with LGBTQ--oh wait--AND straight people. If you have any other ideas, new or old, just comment and I'll get to them ASAP.

Over and out. *winks*
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