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Movie Night IV idea!

OK, so, I found an icon that I like. I'm not using it here (although I also like my current icon), because I'm not in that sort of mood, but there's a story to it.

I found it while looking for something else, and I thought it was funny. But, I didn't wanna use it, because it was from some movie called "Fucking Amal," and I'm not sure if I'm cocky enough to use an icon from a porno on lj. So, I finally looked it up on, thinking that I at least wouldn't get massive amounts of porn popups that way.

It's not a porno at all! It's such a cute sounding movie. The American title is "Show Me Love" because "Fucking Amal" doesn't go over well with most. (There is an explanation for the name though--Amal is a place in Sweden, and it's Fucking Amal like "Fucking El Sobrante" because Amal sucks ass.) So yes, anyway, I'm posting the link, and you all should read up on it, because I damn well wanna see it now.

By the by, Madam Happy Pants, are you up for a movie night at your house? Because that would be damned awesome.
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